How We Work: David Wong


April 2014’s Employee of the Month – Please join us in congratulating David Wong as the inaugural SEP March Employee of the Month! David has truly shown his dedication and hard work to SEP, working numerous long nights and putting in whatever necessary to deliver exceptional technical service to our clients. And he ALWAYS does it with a smile on his face.

A Little More About the Man Behind the Computer

Finish this phrase “Home is…” …Wherever family is.

What do you do at SEP? I do IT tech support and server maintenance. Sometimes this means heading into the office for long nights or a weekend work session to make sure our clients are always getting the best possible service.

What got you started in this field? I’ve been building computers since I was 12, so I guess you can say I got the hang of how it all works. Using these skills to help others out just made perfect sense to me.

What has been one of your highlights while working here? Getting Employee of the Month! It meant a lot to be the first official EOM at Strategic Edge. Makes all of the hard work worth the effort!

Finish this phrase: “When I’m working, I am…” …always ready to learn new things.

Are there any key apps that you can’t live without (at work or elsewhere)? Google Maps.

You’re known for working long nights, but what do you like to do in your free time? I like to play video games or hang out with friends around the Seattle area.

Do you have a favorite website that you follow? (Other than, of course)

Closing statement? I am always ready to help out with any questions or problems regarding your site!

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