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A word about marketing: It never ceases to amaze me how marketing is so misunderstood by so many professionals in the medical field.

I learned very early in my career that all marketing must answer two very simple questions.

  1. So What, and
  2. Who cares

Everything else is simply our own egos trying to sell something that we think everyone who reads our words will surely want to buy. This is why determining what you want to be known for and who are the best clients for your services is so paramount to successful marketing.

Some of the websites and print advertising that I review are painful because I know good money was spent for something that will not drive a soul to pick up the phone or send an email the office.

It is not uncommon to hear a well-meaning office manager or spouse say, “I know how to market our practice, because I’m the perfect target.” If only that were true, it would be so simple. People who work in offices are not the norm; they know all about surgery. Not only that, they have an extremely high comfort level for undergoing surgery.

Your potential patient, although very well read and more knowledgeable than ever before about procedures, has numerous entry points before getting to the buying stage.

The other obvious issue is that people do not shop in generalities, they shop for something specific. Unless, of course, they are at the mall, and in that case all bets are off, because, as any women can tell you, sometimes a “girl” just needs some retail therapy.

All kidding aside, what plastic surgeons need to do to get the phone ringing is to get very specific about what procedures they want to be known for performing. This is the hardest thing for plastic surgeons to do because they have been trained to do “everything.”

There is some secret sauce involved and to get that recipe you can attend any of the following courses coming up this year, or you can call for a personal marketing therapy session with me.

State-of-the-art in Facial Aesthetics – Atlanta, Georgia: April 9-12

  • What to do About Unhappy, Unmotivated Staff
  • The Five Biggest Turn Offs for Patients
  • Ratings and Reviews—The New Marketing Mandate
  • The Magic of Networking and Patient Loyalty

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting: April 23-29

  • If I were #1 on Google All My Marketing Problems Would Be over
  • Why Smart Doctors Leave So Much Money on The Table
  • Is it You? Or is it Your staff that Converts the Patient to a Buyer

Minnesota Plastic Surgery Society: May 9

  • A Marketer’s Perspective On Growing A Successful Practice

CoolSculpting Webinar: July 8 and October 14

  • The Value of Branding Your CoolSculpting Practice / Building Brand Ambassadors With Your Staff and Patients
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