Three Amazing Benefits of Ad Retargeting


Retargeting patients with useful advertisements is one of the best ways to get more exposure for your practice. Potential patients usually forget about a website after they leave it, but with retargeting, you can keep your practice in front of potential patients — even after they leave your website.

Retargeting works by tagging visitors on your website so that you can target them specifically with ads tailored to the products or services in which they are interested. This means you may appear in front of them while they’re shopping online, using social media, or reading their favorite blog.

By staying top of mind with your potential patients, you get three amazing benefits. Let’s break each of these down.

Increased Engagement

It’s no secret that many website visitors spend less than two minutes on your website. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to convey your skills, authority, and personality in such a short period of time.

Retargeting allows you to reconnect with visitors who browsed your website, but didn’t spend enough time on it to make an informed decision. On average, you’ll be able to show ads for your practice to 84 percent of the people that visited your website.

Segmenting your website visitors is key. If someone is interested in a Rhinoplasty, you don’t want to show them an ad for Liposuction. By tagging each page properly, you can make sure that you only show the most relevant ads to your potential patients.

Improved Brand Recall

One of the oldest concepts in marketing is the rule of seven. The rule of seven states that a prospective buyer will usually need to hear or see your brand at least seven times before making a purchasing decision. With high-research and high-cost markets like the medical field, patients usually take longer to make a decision.

This is where ad retargeting lets you close the gap between a patient’s first visit to your website and the patient scheduling a consultation. By taking advantage of ad retargeting, you can focus on what matters to the patient, and consistently showcase your practice.

Increased Conversions


The main goal with marketing your practice online is to convert traffic to leads, and leads to consultations. Retargeting effectively turns people in the research and comparison stage into a consultation by staying top of mind.

Ideally, we would like patients to find our practice, love what they see on the website, and schedule a consultation; however, the reality is a little different. Patients look at competitors, get distracted by a phone call or Facebook message, or lose interest. With retargeting, you can capture patients that visit your website more than once, and increase your consultations.

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