Event Promotion

Fill the room at your upcoming event

Events are a great way to build lasting relationships with your customers and clients while promoting the products and services your business offers. Strategic Edge has a variety of services to help promote your practice’s upcoming events — from printed fliers and promotional merchandise to email marketing E-blasts and more. In today’s busy world, there has to be quite a draw to get providers to take time from their schedule to come to your event.

We pride ourselves in more offerings than any other medical marketing agency when it comes to available print, web, and promotional merchandise for your business. Whether you’re hosting an educational seminar, or any other business event, we have the tools you need to bring in a full list of attendees and get them ready to buy.

Our list of event promotion services includes:

  • Theme development
  • Print fliers and brochures
  • Email marketing
  • Social media event ads
  • Branded promotional merchandise (t-shirts, pens, etc.)
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