Strategic Edge Partners with ASPS

Plastic Surgery 2009 was a great success for all of us at Strategic Edge and our new partners, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The meeting gave us a chance to connect with ASPS members and offer expanded WebGOLD services in the future.

Strategic Edge president Dana Fox, and VP of internet marketing Eva Sheie both gave presentations on topics such as “Practicing in a Fickle Economy” and “Advanced Internet Marketing.” We hope those who attended were able to gain something from these discussions.

The new endorsement by the Society to assist their membership is an honor, and we all look forward to helping ASPS members grow their practices through our unique brand of marketing.

Why Strategic Edge was chosen to partner with ASPS

During the course of the meeting, several people expressed their curiosity regarding just how this partnership was formed. The partnership stems from the relationship that Dana Fox has developed with ASPS over the years. She has cultivated trust among those at the top of the organization as well as those who work directly in our field of web marketing.

During discussions with them, it became apparent that we had a common vision.

It was clear that the benefits Strategic Edge could add to the WebGOLD program would be beneficial for ASPS members – not only those who have been in practice for many years, but also those who are still in process of becoming board certified.

Strategic Edge is a dedicated company, focused specifically on the development and efficacy of our clients’ websites. We’ve gathered an excellent team of marketing professionals, and because of our research and industry experience, we are able to truly refine the opportunities a website can elicit for our clientele. The originality and innovation of Strategic Edge is perfectly in line with the ASPS desire to move forward with WebGOLD.

We take pride in producing websites that actually work for our clients and believe that our work is ultimately about them – not about us. For example, if a client can’t afford everything they’d like to have on their website initially, we enjoy working with them and supporting their growth over time, adding elements to their sites as they are needed in order to help them grow.

Enhanced WebGOLD services

The existing Internet-based program ASPS has made available to their members was deemed worthy of being continued and even improved upon for the benefit of the membership.

The programs we have developed allow members to retain the cachet of an association with ASPS, while gaining the advantage of wonderfully robust content and technical prowess, all at a price that is affordable. Our meetings with doctors have made it clear that they appreciate being able to utilize the content we offer and the technical mechanisms we have put in place to increase their web prominence.

WebGOLD Until Now….

During the meetings, we had the pleasure of working with Mary Sikorski, who has done a yeoman’s job all by herself handling nearly 200 accounts. What she has been able to accomplish on her own is nothing short of incredible, but to handle the inevitable increase in work – in marketing, web development, and tech support – she knew a change would be necessary.

She needed a team that could build upon the excellent foundation she has developed and maintained over time. Mary’s value to us and the ASPS is obvious; she knows each account intimately and has been generous in helping Strategic Edge as we transition.

We hope ASPS members will take advantage of the opportunity that is before them because it stands to benefit them significantly.

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