How a Simple Quote Grows & Takes on a Life of its Own

Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon Samir Pancholi was quick to reply when we pitched him an opportunity to provide a quote to a New York Times reporter about helping patients quit smoking before surgery.

The story was published in print and online on August 13, 2008 and is titled Want a Face Lift? First, Better Stop Smoking. Since publication, the article has been reprinted and syndicated dozens of times, on sites like, the International Herald-Tribune, and many other local and national news sites.

The Las Vegas Sun picked up the story and expanded it, publishing another version on November 13, 2008 titled Doctor Refuses Plastic Surgery To Patients Who Smoke.

Pitching reporters isn’t complicated – you just have to know what they want and give it to them in the right package. Usually this means 2-4 sentences that can be dropped almost instantly into their story, and being interesting rather than regurgitating the same old droll surgeon-speak answers.

What’s the benefit to the doctor? Creating a respectable journalistic history lends an enormous amount of credibility to your reputation and leads to more free PR down the road.

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