Server Issue Resolutions


Recently, a hot topic regarding server issues has surrounded the U.S. government’s launch of its Affordable Care Act information and services website, A number of problems, including the site failing when one too many users logged on, resulted in server crises.

In the tech world, the government’s healthcare website snafu reinforced what we already knew — the necessity of keeping atop current standards and trends in website hosting. We sought methods of upgrading the way we host client sites to ensure that we exceed current standards, and at the same time, needed the ability to make the new transition scalable.

Instead of working with a single host company, and utilizing a single server, we chose to partner with Amazon Hosting Services, one of the largest server hosts in the world.


This decision creates amazing benefits for our clients, including increased resources and security. Now, when your practice is highlighted in the news, we can increase your server’s resources so that it can handle more traffic.

As technology grows and evolves, so must we. We are excited about this new standard for hosting client websites, and providing you with more capabilities than ever before.

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