SEO vs. SEM: Can One Live Without the Other?


The question of organic search (SEO) vs. paid search (SEM) or Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising has been coming up a lot from clients lately. Many doctors are wondering if spending more money on AdWords to drive procedure specific traffic will help drive patient volume. Obviously SEM can be a hard pill to swallow from a budgetary standpoint, but the return on investment can be significant if executed properly. Ideally, you can couple strategic SEM with well executed SEO practices and exceptional unique content to take full advantage of every marketing dollar you spend.

Organic traffic built over time is one of the best ways to increase your internet authority. This will help improve search rankings for procedures as well as increase the likelihood of Google and other search engines indexing your page appropriately. We utilize relevant content through blogging, off-site article publishing and other content like video and infographics to make sure the experience for visitors to our client’s site is rich and valuable.

Adding SEM via pay-per-click, display advertising and retargeting ads for specific procedures is a great way to quickly generate traffic of qualified, conversion-likely customers. Before you do that, we want to make sure this experience is as equally rich and valuable as the organic (SEO) efforts. We accomplish this by utilizing custom landing pages and other rich content that ensures that when a potential patient clicks on a paid result or ad, they are taken to a page that gives them all the relevant information they are looking for and has strong calls-to-action. In addition, we make sure we have clear contact forms that allow patients to fill out after one-click so we can maximize conversion potential.

Is SEM worth the investment?

YES! In today’s competitive market, PPC can definitely help generate brand awareness, drive traffic, and bring in new prospective patients to your practice. Coupled with SEO support, paid marketing can help drive traffic while organic traffic is being built. We can help you determine an appropriate budget to help achieve your goals.

Where Should I Start?

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