The Right Wrong Way to Creat a Cosmetic Surgery Ad

Billboards advertising plastic surgery seem to be popping up more frequently as of late, and they’re getting attention. Unfortunately, for many of them it’s the wrong kind of attention.

The folks out there who aren’t acquainted with your services may have some reservations about cosmetic surgery , which will be made public if you offend the most vocal persons of that group. For many practices, the ability to market cosmetic surgery in a tasteful manner doesn’t come naturally and they implement campaigns that offend. Others are probably steered in the wrong direction by well-meaning marketing consultants.

Case in point : this billboard in rural Wisconsin. Aside from the illogical nature of the message (noted by the City Pages ), it may be received as too risqué and distasteful. In other words, the billboard is a likely target for “not in my backyard” syndrome.


The relationship between online marketing and billboard advertising can be very close and even work in sync, but that doesn’t mean the two can be identical. A billboard speaks to those who aren’t seeking your services, while online marketing caters to those who are – a difference that necessitates a more reserved approach for the former. However, we wholeheartedly advise that you integrate your web design (as a part of your brand) in your billboard and by all means – put the URL on it!

Minnesota dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Patrick Carney, recently had this billboard designed.


The design closely resembles his website, the content is discreet, and the URL is clearly posted. Job well done!

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