Patient Education

Today’s patients search for information. You can become their very best resource.

In-depth information about key procedures and treatments is a valuable point of differentiation for aesthetic providers. Whether that patient education takes the form of interactive guides, ebooks, print materials, informational eBlasts, or PowerPoint presentations for your events, it will set you apart as the go-to practice.

SEP creates patient education tools branded to your practice or medspa that look and feel like your website and other marketing tools. They will reflect your point-of-view, provide comprehensive information, and be one more reason (in concert with your website, marketing outreach, and reviews) that patients choose you as their provider. You can focus on whatever is most profitable or most requested. Perhaps you’d want an “Interactive Breast Guide,” or “Injectables 101,” or “Complete Laser Guide.”

Many providers offer educational tools before the consultation. This serves two purposes. It prepares the patient with the most credible information on whatever he or she is seeking. And, it saves you time at the consultation because you’ll be dealing with a well-informed patient.

Some providers offer these tools after the consultation to reinforce what was learned at the meeting and make prospective patients feel confident and informed.

Strategic Edge Partners can create beautifully-produced, well-written patient education materials that will help convert contacts into patients.

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