Loyalty Programs

Gaining new patients is one thing.  Retaining them is quite another.

In the aesthetics industry, considerable emphasis is placed on acquiring new patients. However, if you aren’t putting the same effort into retaining these patients, your practice could not only be missing out on additional sources of income but also losing revenue you are earning today.

Companies like Starbucks have been using patient loyalty programs to reward their customers and encourage repeat visits—an idea we have proven can benefit the aesthetics industry and Med Spas as well. At Strategic Edge, we will work together with your practice to develop your own customized loyalty program, designed to increase patient retention and bring in ongoing revenue for your practice.

Your loyalty program will be completely unique to your practice, featuring your brand identity, logo, and a list or levels of rewards and benefits set by you. You will be able to set different reward levels via patient monthly membership fees, all promoting the procedures and treatments of your choice. When you reward patients for choosing you, it builds patient loyalty, encourages them to share your practice with a friend, and it can significantly improve business and ongoing revenue.

Let us help you become the top choice in your area with a personalized patient loyalty program.

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