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Build a Stronger Brand with Custom Photography

When used correctly, stock photos are a great tool to use when first building your brand. You can begin to establish a unified look and feel for your practice. However, stock photography can only take you so far in building a complete, recognizable brand. Custom photography—of you, your practice, and your staff—can give you the edge you need to stand apart from the rest.

Give Patients Something to Remember

When someone visits your site, opens a brochure, or sees one of your ads, it’s important they know who you are—that they get an actual sampling of your practice. Professional, high-quality photos of the interior and exterior of your practice, your staff, and yourself will not only immediately separate you from your competitors, but it will have a better chance of sticking with potential patients. A face is put to the name. They will experience a small taste of your practice and be more likely to remember you when it comes time to make a decision for where to go for their procedure of treatment.

How We Can Help

Strategic Edge offers personalized photoshoot sessions performed on-site at your practice. Our professional photography team will fly out to your location and will work with you to plan and direct your own custom photoshoot. They will come with all their own equipment, so all you have to worry about is looking your finest.

During your professional shoot, our photographers will capture the essence of who you are as a practice—carefully planning each shot to showcase your identity and brand like never before. Your shoot may include:

  • Staff photos
  • Practice exterior photos
  • Practice interior photos (lobby, treatment rooms, etc.)
  • Candid action photos to show your team at work

With professional editing, your photos will then be ready for your website, print collateral, and anywhere else you may be wanting to showcase your practice.

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