Case Study: Midsota Plastic Surgeons

Midsota Plastic Surgeons is a group plastic surgery practice with a number of locations in Minnesota. We worked together with Midsota’s team of plastic surgeons to help revamp their practice’s online presence with a brand new website, ongoing internet marketing, and custom blogging.

Branding & Creative Services

When creating additional collateral for Midsota Plastic Surgeons, we wanted to make sure the branding remained consistent no matter where patients were looking. To develop a strong brand that is easily recognizable, our team designed a fully-custom pocket folder and brochure that could be sent home with Midsota’s clients. This is because the more places patients see Midsota’s brand identity, the more likely they are to think about them when considering their next procedure or treatment.

Website Design & Development

In redesigning Midsota Plastic Surgeons’ website, our design team wanted to create something that would appeal to the practice’s Midwest patient-base and complement their talented team of plastic surgeons. With a modern aesthetic and fully-responsive design, Midsota Plastic Surgeons’ new website allows for a seamless user experience whether patients are viewing from their computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

Internet Marketing

Our internet marketing team got right down to business to help increase visibility of the new site we had created for Midsota. With a personalized strategy and proven SEO tactics, we were able to increase the number of users, sessions, and pageviews by an average of about 11 percent within the first year. In addition, Midsota Plastic Surgeons saw increases in important keyword rankings that would help bring their website to the top of potential patients’ search results.

Custom Blogging

To help continue to drive traffic to Midsota’s website and generate new and engaging content, our team writes custom blogs tailored to the practice. These monthly blogs are written on subjects that Midsota Plastic Surgeons’ target audience are wanting to know about—from summer skincare tips that promote MidSota’s MedSpa treatments to fun tips for patients who want to look their best for an upcoming holiday or event. Each blog is written, from scratch, specifically for Midsota Plastic Surgeons and is often centered around their events, current specials, and their own marketing plan.


Midsota Plastic Surgeons is a six physician single specialty practice in central Minnesota that offers the full breadth of cosmetic and reconstructive services. Strategic Edge helped us highlight ourselves in the cosmetic market while being true to our midwestern roots and mindful of the reconstructive patient. With their expertise, Midsota’s marketing strikes just the right message for our patient population. Evelyn Erickson, MD

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