Making Your Event Matter: You Held a Successful Event. Now What?

You planned and hosted an exciting patient event with the help of Strategic Edge’s Top 10 Tips for Holding a Successful Event. “So, now what?” you ask yourself. Although the event itself may be behind you, the marketing does not end—and in many ways, has just begun.

Events are unique in that they give you, the practitioner, a unique opportunity to mingle and establish a personal relationship with your patients which can be otherwise hard to achieve. After any event, the biggest mistake that you can make is to fail to capitalize on your investment. The goal of any successful event is to have your attendees leave increasingly committed to you and your practice.

We want you to get the most out of your event. To help, we offer these insider tips to help keep your event’s momentum of going.

Be in Touch & Say Thank You

A generic, mass email is not an effective follow-up tool. Easily lost in an inbox or simply discarded as spam—your message is likely to go unseen. Instead, send a personalized email, make a phone call, or write a short thank you note. Albeit old fashioned, a handwritten note shows that you took the time to personally thank each of your guests individually.

More than anything, you want your attendees to feel appreciated. To really wow them, include a small tidbit from your conversation. This can be a great way to introduce a solution to a problem that they expressed during your time with them—you could even add treatment information and include an easy way for them to get in touch with you. Another way to make one feel special: have a photograph of them printed and include it along with the card.

Do Not Shy Away from Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest ways to keep your event alive and at the forefront of an attendee’s mind. While nearly 77 percent use social media to market their event beforehand, only 61 percent utilize these same channels afterward. A long lasting and impactful outlet, social media is great for sharing photos. Make sure to tag your practice, practitioners, and staff members in your photos. Also, create an event specific #hashtag. These are two simple ways to increase your event’s exposure.

Social media can also provide you with a unique bounty of attendee insight like: Who is posting? What attendees are posting about? Is there a certain topic, speaker, or demonstration that has the most mentions?

Remember, never miss a chance to promote yourself and your practice. Make it easy for attendees to add you on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter.

Feature a Short Blog Summarizing Your Event

A blog post is a great way to provide a short summary of the event and to share photos. Make sure to include information about speakers and visiting representatives, product demonstrations, “goody” bag photos, or anything else that was unique to your event.

Make it Easy for Patients to Learn More

Inundated with information, patients often go home and set out to learn more about what was featured. Be proactive—you want to make this as easy as possible. Create a strategic marketing program that not only promotes the event, but helps to educate as well. Blogs and E-blasts are a great way to share information, fun facts, and FAQ’s. Also, encourage your patients to contact you or your practice with any questions that they may have.

Continue to Incentivize

Many practices like to offer specials at an event. Keep the event fresh in your attendee’s mind by offering progressive specials as they come in. Compliment a surgical treatment with a non-surgical treatment or extend and add upon packages offered at the event.

We also suggest that you promote your special offers for about one week following your event—a blog as well as an E-blast are great ways to let others know. That way, those who were unable to attend will also have the chance to participate.

Strategic Edge Can Help You with Your Event

Strategic Edge can help you design a great event that helps you achieve your revenue goals. We offer turnkey, custom event marketing campaigns, and more. Experts in the medical marketing field, we are able to design a strategic event marketing plan—from start to finish to follow-up.

We love a party! Contact Tami Vileta to start the conversation.

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