Why We Are Linking Custom Images to Your Before & After Gallery

Recently, the SIM team here at Strategic Edge Partners has been implementing before and after slider images into some of our client’s procedure pages. Not only does this serve as a benefit to potential patients who are visiting specific pages (as a visual aid), but it also serves as a major benefit to SEO.

For those that are interested in learning how adding slider images into procedure pages can benefit the SEO of a website, read on.

Image Alt Tags

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of adding images to any page on a website is the ability to then add an image ALT tag to that image. Let’s take a step back. An important thing to remember here is that search engines don’t read and see websites the same way that humans do. Just because you have an image on your website doesn’t mean that Google sees it.

One of the first steps in telling Google, “Hey, I have an image x on this page” is to add an ALT tag that describes that image. Of course, if this image is located on a procedure page (such as breast augmentation) it gives you the ability to place your target keyword into the tag.

This is an important component of on-page SEO and is always valuable to have on a page.

Internal Linking

We aren’t just adding an image to make the page look better, we’re also adding it so that users can navigate to the procedure before and after quicker. If someone is looking at a Breast Augmentation page, chances are that they would like to see some before and after images next. So, having an image on the procedure page that leads a user to the specific before and after image makes sense.

Additionally, this gives us an opportunity for more internal linking which benefits your website’s overall SEO.

Relevant Content

There are those who add images of anything to a website, even if that image isn’t relevant. However, search engines are gravitating more and more to having the goal of providing relevant content at the forefront of their business model.

The more relevant content that you have on a website, the better your website will rank in the long run. Why? It’s simple – you are providing users with an answer to something that they are looking for.

Engaging Users

Finally, there is an added benefit of having something on the page other than words that truly engages the user. If you look at marketing as trying to trick people, you’re doing something wrong. It’s all about providing users with engaging, high quality, relevant content that they can then use to make an educated decision.

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