Link Building Strategy: Quality vs. Quantity

SEO strategists will often debate on quality versus quantity when it comes to inbound links – also referred to as backlinks. In a perfect world we could get a high quantity of quality links for clients. However, most practitioners of white-hat SEO know that it takes times to achieve results through proper link strategy and there really is no “quick-fix” to proper link strategy. An increase in links to your website will help increase website traffic and leads.

Building links is vital to online success, but they need to be built in moderation. This is what Google tells us, and what we have seen works for our practices. We recommend that you only create 3 offsite links per month through content, video or image marketing. If you gain too many links at once, search engines will penalize your website. Whenever anyone offers “quick link building tactics” or “thousands of deep linkable web pages,” it is usually something that isn’t safe for your website in the long run. Could it bring results quickly? Maybe. Will it harm your website within 6 months to 1 year? Absolutely.

We like to follow three main rules:

1. Context and relevance: High Page Authority (PA) doesn’t always equal high link value. If you are linking a breast augmentation page from a high-ranking “get your summer beach body” type blog or website, it isn’t going to carry the same weight as a lower PA rank link to a specific breast augmentation blog page.

2. Natural anchor text: If you are trying to link a page to a specific procedure page, your anchor text cannot be the same as the URL to the page from which you are linking. For example, if you want to rank for Liposuction in Seattle, your anchor text should incorporate those words into natural flowing content as opposed to an exact match.

3. Using long-tail keywords: Instead of just using “Tummy Tuck Surgery,” we recommend integrating words into your content from long-tail searches. Search engines are getting smarter and can recognize specific pages based on longer search queries. Consider using language like, “Tummy tuck surgery in Seattle, WA,” or even better, “Where to get Tummy Tuck surgery in Seattle.”

Link strategy is still an important part of proper SEO. It takes time and attention to detail, but we can help get you there.

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