Link Building 101 – Quality Over Quantity


Since the late 1990s, search engines like Google have used links from other websites as votes. The idea being that a site with a lot of links is more important and popular. As time has passed, search engines have become more sophisticated when it comes to measuring the importance and popularity of a website.

In the past, it was more important to have 1,000 fake and/or spammy links than to have 10 high-quality links. Now Google uses many different metrics, like website trust and spam, when ranking websites. With these metrics being applied to websites, you are able to rank higher in search results from 10 high-quality links instead of 1,000 low-quality, spammy links. Now, the difficulty comes in creating high-quality links.

Proper link building requires creativity, hustle, and often, a marketing agency. There are three ways to build high-quality links:

  1. Natural Editorial Links – Links that are given naturally by other websites and pages that want to link to your content or practice.
  2. Manual Outreach Links – An agency creates these links by emailing bloggers and creating directory listings on sites like
  3. Self-Created Links – These links are built by leaving comments on other websites and creating articles on popular article directories.

Our Process

At Strategic Edge we work with you to create a link building and internet marketing campaign that is tailored to your needs. We begin by collaborating with you on key procedures and locations that you should focus on, and then implement a plan of action to get your desired results.

This collaborative effort starts with creating a list of search terms that you wish to rank for. We then use proprietary tools to show you how many searches for your desired procedures are made each month. We then measure how you are performing currently so that we can have a baseline to compare with. This allows us to determine what successful internet marketing looks like.

Once we have established a plan of action and baseline for comparison we find websites that are willing to link to your website and improve your rankings. We use tools to discover what websites are linking to your competitors, and duplicate the same links. We then create unique links to your site that your competitors do not have.

By attracting the same links as your competitors as well as creating unique links to your specific practice we are able to undermine the competitive advantage of your competitors and create a presence online that is unique to your practice.

Why is This Important

Research has shown time and time again that ranking highly in Google brings a significant amount of visitors to your website. Ranking number 1 in a given search result means you will receive 33% of traffic while the number two and three results receive only 18 and 11 percent respectively.

Get More Traffic and More Leads

Ranking highly in Google is extremely challenging and time consuming, but the Internet Marketing experts at Strategic Edge can help. By implementing our advanced internet marketing and search engine optimization tactics you can increase your rankings in search results and attract more visitors and booked procedures to your practice.

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