Keep Them Coming Back with Specialized Loyalty Programs

You could be missing out on a great opportunity to really develop solid relationships with your patients. Something that could keep them coming back through your doors more often, bringing you more business and benefiting them as well. It’s a little something we are now offering here at Strategic Edge – loyalty programs. Loyalty programs have been around for along time, but at Strategic Edge we’ve taken them to a new level of reward for physicians and patients alike. Instead of practices getting caught in the never-ending specials cycle, we thought it was about time for you to take control over what you earn on residual sales.

What is a Loyalty Program?

Just about every store has one, and a lot of times they are surprisingly effective and beneficial to both sides. Just on my own keychain, I have a loyalty card to Starbucks, Vitamin Shoppe, Sports Authority and the movie theater below my apartment. Why? I get free stuff, discounted prices on things I already buy, and even cash back rewards. The fact is, I would go to all four of these stores even if I didn’t have the loyalty card. However, with it, there is no question where I go if I need some caffeine in the morning, want to catch a new movie, or need a new tub of protein powder or Under Armour T-shirt. I am far more likely to walk in and spend money with the loyalty card than without it. They have my loyalty as a shopper and in return I am rewarded with discounts, special offers and free stuff – it just makes sense.

We Know First-Hand Loyalty Programs Work for Aesthetic Practices

The exciting news is we have already helped our doctors develop and brand their practice’s own loyalty programs with amazing buy-in from their patients. We work with you to design all of the collateral, from the branded loyalty cards to brochures and eBlasts.

With your practice’s own loyalty program, you can set up different levels of benefits and specials for your patients based on how much they spend. Exclusive specials and discounts will keep them coming back to your practice, developing a strong partnership between you and the patient. Not to mention, they may also spread the word of your practice and its loyalty program to their friends. This is already happening on an exciting level. But, practices are the most happy about is patients buy into the reward level of their choosing and essentially pay for their savings upfront. This is a win for everyone!

According to Inc., acquiring a new customer will cost a business roughly five to ten times more than it would to sell to an existing customer. The customers you already have also spend an average of 67 percent more than a new one would. Now, this doesn’t mean to not even bother with new patients. To really benefit your practice, you want to keep your current patients coming back and new ones to start doing the same. If you implement an effective loyalty program, such as a simple point system or one that is based on tiers, you are far more likely to build a more solid patient-practice relationship.

While your patients are saving money and receiving bonus gifts, you are benefiting from consistent business and increased patient retention. Your non-surgical patients start with your practice by “sticking their toe in the water” and once comfortable, move on to surgery.

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Loyalty Program Opportunities with Strategic Edge

If you are interested in beginning a loyalty program for your practice, we can get you started. Just give us a call to find out more.

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