Joan Fodor

Branding Strategist

What do you do at Strategic Edge?

I develop authentic branding strategies for client websites and other marketing deliverables by discovering the heartbeat of the business and what makes it unique from all others. Through client interviews and research, I look for the elements that are truly representative of a business and highlight these to attract and engage new patients or customers. This approach results in making each of our clients distinctive and therefore more competitive. I write key messaging and work alongside other SEP departments to ensure the branding guidelines are followed and communicated consistently.

How did you get to this point?

I have been a creative director, writer, and marketing strategist serving as Worldwide Communications Director for a major corporation; then as a marketing strategist for a wide range of companies—most particularly those in the aesthetic medical field.

What about when you’re not at work?

I love to cook and entertain, create art (collages, in particular), go to flea markets, decorate, and laugh with friends.

3 Things You Can’t Live Without

  1. My daughter
  2. Friendships
  3. Chinese food

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