What Jermaine Kearse’s Super Bowl Touchdown Can Teach Us About Link Building


As our Seattle Internet marketing team was watching the Super Bowl yesterday, we couldn’t help but notice the similarities between certain plays from the Seattle Seahawks and the field of Search Engine Optimization. Although there were definitely a variety of plays that were outstanding, there was one play that stood out: When the former Husky (go Dawgs) receiver, Jermaine Kearse, spun out of a group of tackles (twice) in the third quarter, and ran the ball for a touchdown making the score 35 to 0.

Now, how does Kearse’s outstanding play have anything to do with SEO?

Low-quality Tackles (And Links) Do Not Help

The reason that the Broncos couldn’t stop Kearse from scoring a touchdown was because of the simple fact that their tackles were low quality. This brings us to the very first lesson that this play can teach us about Search Engine Optimization: Low-quality Links Do Not Help Your Website.

Similar to the low-quality tackles that failed to stop Kearse, any effort to gain “easy” links will fail to improve your rankings. It is not a good strategy to “buy” low-quality links because they will harm your website more than help it.

Quality > Quantity

If you take a close look at the play, you will notice that there are a total of four players on the opposing team who try to stop Kearse in his tracks — that’s right, four! So why weren’t those players able to stop the Seahawks from scoring a touchdown? The reason is because one high-quality tackle is always better than four mediocre ones.

If you want to score a touchdown in the Search Engine Optimization world, you are much better off focusing on gaining one quality link (and building that relationship) than trying to hash out four mediocre links.

There Are No Shortcuts

If a journalist or reporter were to ask Kearse if that play was easy for him, it is unlikely that he would answer with a “yes.” Kearse had to work for that touchdown just like we have to work for rankings and conversions. There is no shortcut or easy way of getting a touchdown, just like there is no easy way to increase your rankings. Both take hard work and persistence.

Staying Focused on the End Goal

Kearse never hesitated or gave up in the middle of his run. He knew that his goal was to reach the end zone and score a touchdown, no matter the circumstances. This is exactly the kind of attitude that creates incredible Plastic Surgery SEO. It doesn’t matter how great you’re doing against your opposition, you don’t stop.

What We Learned

Whether it’s on the field or in the Plastic Surgery SEO world, we learned that it’s always better to gain a few high-quality links, than many low-quality links. Also, we learned that just like there aren’t any shortcuts to getting a touchdown, there isn’t an easy way of getting a website to rank high. Finally, (thanks to Jermaine Kearse) we know that it is vital to stay focused on the end goal.

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