Dana Fox Industry Perspective

President and Founder of Strategic Edge Partners

“I’ve been tracking industry trends since the 80’s. What an amazing ride it’s been!”

Dana says that at the speed our industry is changing, a unique skill set is required to keep ahead of market trends. From Baby Boomer trends to the attitudes of Gen X and now Gen Y, Dana keeps a keen eye on what patients think and want, and she brings that depth of understanding to every client. She and her team of writers, graphic artists, and internet marketing specialists know how to market to an appearance-driven public of all ages.

In addition, Dana mentors, trains, and supports medical professionals in the art of patient communication skills and how to attract and retain patients.

“The world of aesthetics is becoming more competitive every day. It is our job to help each practice stand out from its competitors.”


Articles by Dana Fox

Dana was asked by Modern Aesthetics Magazine to share her industry expertise in a series of illuminating articles:

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  • Why do Some Doctors Seem to Have the Midas Touch? [Read]
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