Case Study: Sciton

New Corporate Website

Redesigning and developing Sciton’s corporate website required plenty of collaboration—both internally and with their marketing team. Together, we rethought their existing site to improve user experience for both patients and physicians. The end result is a seamless, user-friendly website where physicians can learn about the benefits of Sciton’s products to their practice, and patients can see the beautiful results they can achieve through these treatments.

Product Websites

In addition to Sciton’s main corporate website, we were also tasked with building out individual sites for some of their most popular products, including their BBL™ platform and diVa™ vaginal rejuvenation treatment. These individually-focused product sites were created to showcase Sciton’s cutting edge technology and unbeatable outcomes.

Success Builder

Sciton’s Success Builder is a fantastic sales tool to help show the benefits of using their products. In addition to an easy-to-use website add-on, we worked with Sciton to create a fully personalized and branded product that featured an interactive book and promotional products, including a Sciton white coat and pen.


We created SmartStart to help Sciton educate physicians on the use of their products. This beautifully branded guide gave physicians the step-by-step directions they would need to get the most out of their new investments.


I have been with Sciton for just over 2 years and I keep hearing from the Sales Reps and industry peers how impressed they are with all the new marketing materials and web properties. They can’t get over how much our collateral and online assets have improved. I couldn’t have done it all without Dana Fox and her amazing team at YSE. They are at it around the clock to meet our sometimes impossible deadlines and always produce more than stellar work. They really have helped make Sciton and its family of products look like the innovative, best-in-class brands that they are. Audrey Gordon

Product Event Kits

In order to help Sciton effectively promote their products and gain important brand recognition, we created these fully-branded event kits. These were designed to help practices educate their patients and get them excited about Sciton’s most popular products.

  • diva days event kit
  • Halo event kits
  • FYBBL International event kit

diVa Practice Marketing Support

One of the products Sciton has wanted to really focus on promoting is diVa, their incredible laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Strategic Edge helped create a series of branded, practice-ready collateral to make it easy for physicians to reach potential patients after purchasing diVa.

  • Billboards
  • Web banners
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