The Importance of Search Engine and Directory Submissions

How to Boost Your Practice’s Ranking Even Further


One of the aspects we take a lot of pride in at SEP is making sure we bring your practice’s website front and center when it comes to search engines, local listings, directories and social media. Many moving pieces need to fit together in order to successfully do what we do, and occasionally, we need your help to make sure it’s done correctly/

While SEP is hard at work optimizing your site and creating engaging and unique content, and beautiful designs that set you apart from your peers, we manage another critical piece of the puzzle: Submissions to Google, Bing, Yahoo, social media sites and local directories.

Where are these calls coming from?

If you are partnered with SEP, then you and your office staff are familiar with the calls you have received from us, asking for PIN numbers and verification requests for search engine submissions. However, you’ve probably noticed in the recent months the volume of these calls has increased – in fact, you’re noticing more postcards in the mail from places like FourSquare and Yahoo with PIN numbers on them. At SEP we’re keeping ahead of the curve on how to stay relevant and visible – and making sure your website is verified with these various outlets is incredibly important. We know time is of the essence; not just for you, but for your busy and hardworking office staff. That’s why we want to make this process as easy and convenient as possible – please share this with your front office staff.

What to expect when SEP calls your practice regarding a verification:

1) Your account manager will coordinate with the Internet Marketing team, and contact you or your front office staff to see if they have 3-5 minutes to assist with the verification process.

2) If the timing works, we’ll explain that after we hang up the phone, your office will receive an automated phone call that contains a PIN number. Please write that PIN number down.

3) Your account manager will immediately call you back to retrieve the PIN number, and then directly hand it off to the Internet Marketing team who will complete the verification process instantly. Since the PIN number is only active for a very short window of time, we make sure this process is expedited from start to finish.

What to do if you receive a postcard with a PIN number or verification information:

When you receive a verification postcard, please email the code and corresponding search engine or site (for example, Yahoo or Foursquare) directly to your account manager who will handle the completion of the process. Or feel free to call us and relay the information – we always love to hear from you!

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