How We Work: Jonathan Larson


“How We Work” is a new series dedicated to showcase our team members and help you get to know us better. We hope you enjoy it!

Where Is Home For You? Seattle; specifically Fremont.

What Is Your Job At SEP? I manage online campaigns for more than 20 of our clients.

What’s Your Current Mobile Device? The iPhone 5s – black.

Finish this Phrase: “I Work…” All day.

What Do You Do When You Aren’t Working? I enjoy working out at my local LA fitness.

What Are Your Must-Have Apps? I don’t really spend too much time on my phone. I try to leave the phone for phone calls and do the rest of my work on the computer. I spend my time looking at a screen all day, so I enjoy resting my eyes when I’m not working.

And Now, An Intermission for a Quotable: Marketing is like working out; in order to get results, you need to be consistent.

jon-workspace-how-we-workHow Do You Have Your Workspace Setup? I always have a full glass of water and two screens on my desk. Other than that, I like to have a clean workspace – it allows me to multitask better and not get distracted. Also, I like it when my office is well lit; I don’t know how people work in the dark, it puts me to sleep.

You Have More Than 20 Clients. How Do You Manage Your Tasks? I still use Microsoft Excel for all of my task tracking. It’s what I started with and it has worked for me over the years. It helps me ensure that all of my work is on point at all times.

What Do You Listen To While You Work? I don’t really have a preference. Usually, if the rest of the SIM team has their headphones on I’ll put mine on as well. If the music sounds good, I like it.

How Much Sleep Do You Get On Average? Usually about seven hours.

What’s The Best Advice You Have Ever Been Given? “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” I don’t remember where I read this, but it has stuck with me for the longest time. You don’t want to be negative about a situation, but it’s important that you are always ready for every situation.

What’s Your Favorite Website? I constantly read Search Engine Watch to make sure I stay up to date on all things internet marketing.
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