What Does Google’s New Algorithm Mean for Your Website?

Panda 4.0 Google Update
Google updates its algorithms every now and again to ensure that websites that are using black-hat tactics in order to market their business are penalized accordingly. This also allows Google to provide the best content for its users. Recently, Google released an update called “Panda 4.0” which aimed to penalize websites that are scraping content (or using duplicate content) in order to trick the algorithm into ranking them higher in the search results.

Should You Be Worried?

As soon as our team heard of the update, they analyzed the numbers over a couple of weeks to ensure that your websites weren’t affected. So to answer the above question – no, you should not be worried. We take pride in the fact that we push all of our clients to get rid of their duplicate content, and to not only include unique content, but get a marketing package in order to optimize this unique content.

Next Steps

Our marketing team will continue doing what’s best for your website in terms of marketing, and we will continue to be on the lookout for any algorithm updates from Google to ensure that we are on top of things. If you would like more information on this update, how we ensure your websites safety from penalties, or what we do in order to stay updated on marketing tactics, contact us today.

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