Google’s Matt Cutts – Don’t Stitch Copied Content from Multiple Sites


When it comes to outranking your competitors in Google, having high-quality, original content has been essential for years. But many marketers and website owners have been attempting to cheat the system by copying quality content from other websites. In the video below, Google’s Matt Cutts covers the differences between high-quality original content and duplicate, spam content.

A Little History

Google has been able to detect and penalize websites that steal large chunks of content for some time. With their latest updates, Google is able to detect and penalize even small amounts of copying, even if the stolen content has slight changes and is integrated with other content.

Where Is The Line Drawn?

Writing high-quality, original content can be challenging, especially for very specific topics. There are only so many ways to write about the recovery process from a Breast Augmentation surgery. So where is the line drawn between presenting the facts in a clear fashion, and copying from someone else?

The difference is quality. If you are trying to automate the creation of your content, and spend a minimal amount of effort on your website’s verbiage, then Google is going to rank you lower. However, if you synthesize content from multiple sources, and add your own analysis and style, then your content would be considered high-quality (by both your patients and Google).

Rank Higher In Google with Better Content

Creating high-quality content is both difficult and time consuming. This is why many website owners have resorted to copying and stitching content in the past. With Google’s new search engine algorithm changes, website owners must focus on creating high-quality, original content now more than ever.

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