How to Get Your Blog to Work Better for You

It’s often said that no one knows you better than you know yourself. In the same way, no one knows your practice as intimately as you do. From bringing in new patients to showcasing your newest treatments, you often lay awake at night thinking of ways to grow your practice. Here at Strategic Edge, we also focus on that same goal.

One of the internet marketing initiatives we focus on each month is ensuring your website grows and remains robust with dynamic custom posts on your blog. While we often focus your blogs on industry news and trends, we would love more input from you on what you’d like your blog to focus on since you have your finger on the pulse of your business.

There are many benefits to choosing your own topics for the blogs we write for you, such as keeping it diverse with varying viewpoints, but the main benefit is it will help us drive the type of patients you want to your practice. If you peruse other cosmetic blogs, you might often see the same topics from one site to the next. How many blogs have you seen about the popularity of gummy bear implants, for example? There are only so many ways to address the most popular procedures and for surgeries that may have not changed in the past decade, opportunities may be limited.

By focusing on your unique viewpoint and knowledge of your field as well as what your patients want and need to know, we’re able to craft blog posts that are relevant, bring in traffic and help convert patients. After all, in a sea of similar-looking practices online, patients will gravitate to those who stand out and show that they understand the unique needs of each patient.

Take for example, a cosmetic and ENT practice we work with. Through monthly conversations, we’re able to write completely unique blog posts about the topics their patients care about – content they can’t find anywhere else. After all, how many practices do you see writing about hot tub folliculitis and sun resistant clothing? Probably not too many. So when a patient searches for either of those topics, the chances they run across this blog is much higher.

It’s also a great benefit when your blog can correspond with your monthly specials. By planning out your blog topics at the same time you plan your specials, it helps us create an even more robust marketing strategy for you.

How We Blog Differently

Whether you choose to get more involved in your blog strategy, we take pride in providing each one of our internet marketing clients with completely custom-written blogs designed to drive traffic to their sites and inform the reader. We have seen other marketing agencies posting blogs hardly more than fifty words long and simply saying things as simple as “we will stitch you up after a tummy tuck.” Well, the first problem is that you need now more than 350 words for Google to really take notice, and secondly, I’m sure patients already know they will not just be left with an open slice in their stomach after surgery. When we write blogs, we make sure to come up with things that someone considering a procedure will be looking for and find helpful. This way, once they’ve read the blog, they can click through to other pages of your website and fill out a contact form or pick up the phone.
We also create custom blog header images optimized to help attract attention through social media and image searches. Most other agencies simply plop in an untouched stock photo – sometimes not even that – and call it good. If you take a look around at other popular marketing blogs like Hubspot, you will notice many of them using custom edited photos much like we do. This is just another one of the details we focus on to help you stand out from your competitors.

We can’t wait to learn more about the unique topics your patients are interested in and how we can write the blogs to strengthen the bond between your patients and your practice. Give us a call to start planning your practice’s blog strategy.

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