The Dog Days of Summer

Dealing with Slower Business During the Summer

Have you ever noticed that some practices just seem to have the Midas Touch, and everything they do flourishes? You could make the decision to hate them…I’m kidding of course.

Or, you could learn from them and instead ask why it appears they have the golden touch. In almost every case, when we work with a highly successful practice that rolls right through summer or didn’t experience much of a downturn in our latest economic dip, there is a common thread. And yes, it seems to be a golden one.

Here is how they approach their practice.

First, they have an expectation of prosperity and everyone in the practice is expected to embrace it. The best of the best start with the doctor monitoring his or her own “self talk.” They do not allow any negative speaking about patients, other employees, or the practice.

It simply isn’t tolerated!

We’ve actually taught this for years in physician management courses – attitudes filter down, not up. This first step can actually turn a practice around overnight without doing anything else but eliminating the negatives. The best part is – it’s free.

Second, a successful practice believes there are enough patients for everyone and that they deserve their fair share. This line of thinking is also referred to as “the law of abundance.” If you believe there is enough business and you deserve to get it, you eventually will.

Action steps for Abundance

  • Returning email inquiries immediately
  • Follow up with all consultations in writing and phone call
  • Make sure the phones are being answered by a great customer service person, with a sales perspective.
  • Ask for the sale
  • Meet with your team at the end of every day to discuss the high points and what’s happening tomorrow

Third, a successful practice anticipates and prepares in advance for the busiest and slowest times of the year. For example, they know August (one of the slower months for plastic and cosmetic surgery) comes every year, so they start preparing for it in the spring. They stagger specials, and create summer “be-good-to-your-skin” events. They create packages that you can only get in June, July or August. They create a theme and a name that is just pure fun to excite patients and attract attention. There is also very special pricing for procedures that are done over this ninety-day period of time.

What about Fall, you might ask. If you are reading this article, now is the time to pick up the phone and call us for some serious brainstorming about your Autumn Growth Strategy. You have about two weeks to get off the dime, or you will be trying to catch up instead of leading the pack.

Let’s make this year your Midas Year!

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