Why Should Cosmetic Surgeons Write Their own Blogs

The Best Way To Create A Dynamic & Effective Online Presence

You’ve heard about it and you’re probably wondering what the big deal is. Isn’t blogging just sharing your personal journal with the world? It may have started out like that, but today, blogging is a highly versatile method of maintaining a web presence and being competitive.

The cosmetic surgery practices that are able to connect with patients online at the most authentic level, as if they’re speaking face to face, are reaping huge marketing benefits. Strategic Edge’s President Dana Fox says that “because many doctors tend to be scientists first and communicators second, this is no easy task. Patients are craving experiences with authentic people. The more real you are, the more your patients will feel like they have made the right choice. A blog is a great way to connect.”

You need “bedside manner” on the Internet too.

Doctors now have to work harder than ever at communicating warmth, approachability and sincerity. “Social Media” has taken over and everything online is affected: how we find a great vacation spot, how we vote, how we even find compatible life partners, and oh yes, how we find a cosmetic surgeon.

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