The Art of Getting a Great Review

It’s a hostile environment out there lately! Every time you turn around someone is posting a critical review and it’s often not about the surgical outcome or the doctor. Patients and sometime even “non-patients” feel it is their obligation to destroy your online image because they didn’t get exactly what they expected.

In this economic and competitive environment your practice simply has to rate as a truly superb customer experience within the first 60 seconds of the first call. And then, that same level of experience must be maintained throughout the patients’ entire interactive process with your practice.

Anyone who has ever taken a patient history can attest to the fact that patients do not necessarily exhibit loyalty based on a good surgical result. They are sitting in your office for a facelift when only three short years ago they had a tummy tuck from doctor “what’s-her-name” just five miles away. Why aren’t they sitting in her office? They had a good outcome, they liked the doctor, and so what is the problem?

We have come to expect something “special” from whomever we deal with regardless of what we are purchasing. Whether it’s buying a tummy tuck or a car we have never had so many choices than we do today. What helps us to feel good about writing a check in your office is largely due to how we “feel” about our experience with you.

Do you like me? Do you care about my outcome?

Are you kind and reassuring at every step of my procedural walk with you? It’s very simple on one hand and very complicated on the other, because you cannot afford to miss these crucial details.

There are some very significant rules for providing great customer service and most of us take notice when we encounter this rare experience. It’s not always something that you can put your finger on when it’s not part of an experience, but when it is present you know exactly what it is that makes this particular event memorable in a good way.

It’s often surprising when someone really goes the extra mile for us. I had a recent experience with a phone company employee that was so good, that I’ve actually thought about it several times and now I’m telling you about it. The employee took the time to research the problem, identify the next step and then helped me avoid the automated robots with multiple prompts. He actually stayed on the line with me until I was in the right place and speaking with another human.

Customer service training for your staff is an investment that will pay off immediately. If this is something you think might benefit your practice, give us a call at 800-800-8314.

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