Five Free Twitter Tools Every Business Should Be Using

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Social Media has become an extremely powerful tool for engaging users, potential clients, increasing brand awareness, and gaining conversions. One of the biggest players in the Social Media game is Twitter. Twitter has completely changed the way that people interact with each other (and businesses) online.

Is your business on Twitter? Are you engaging your target audience? Regardless of your answer to these questions, here are 5 incredible Twitter tools for you to use for your own brand building.


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Followerwonk is a tool that was created by the Seattle-based SEO company, Moz.  Many people don’t know about this powerful tool, but it can completely change the way you use Twitter for marketing.

The purpose of this tool is to allow the user to analyze his/her own account, or someone else’s account in order to see what’s working, what isn’t, and to identify opportunities for their marketing strategy. One example of this is plugging in a competitor’s username and analyzing who follows them. Chances are, if they are following someone who is in the same field you’re in, they would be interested to follow you too.



Tweetdeck is a tool that allows you to track multiple Twitter accounts at once, or have a view of everything that is going on with a particular Twitter account. So, you can log in with your account and view certain lists, favorites, and followers all at the same time in a streamlined format.

The advantage to using a tool like this is that it streamlines everything so that you really don’t miss a thing. This tool is especially useful if you use lists a lot because it can categorize everything that you are looking at.



If you are looking for a social media automation tool, look no further than Buffer. Buffer allows a user to not only manage multiple accounts, but it allows the user to schedule out tweets and posts based on when their followers are most active.

So, if you have followers that are active around 1pm, Buffer will make sure to schedule your tweets around this time in order to get the best response and engagement out of them. Additionally, you can use a tool like FollowerWonk to sync with Buffer in order to create a plan for scheduling all of your tweets out!

Bonus: Buffer has a really great blog that is full of powerful information for social media management and marketing.


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Bitly is a simple tool that shortens any URL and tracks how many people click on it over time. Not only does Bitly track how many people click on it, but it also tracks where the traffic came from (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Additionally, if you create an account with Bitly you can create different categories for various links.



If you are an owner of one or more Apple products (iPhone, iPad, or Mac) you will definitely want to look into Tweetbot. This is more of a Twitter client instead of a tool, but it comes with a bunch of handy features such as the ability to block people, mute certain keywords, create custom segmented lists, and flow through your timeline in a seamless manner.

If you aren’t too happy with the default Twitter client on your phone or computer, I would highly recommend looking into Tweetbot as an alternative.

If you are searching for more free tools, read our post about free tools to improve your online presence.

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