4 Internet Marketing Tactics Every Practice should be Doing


With the latest updates from Google, low-quality and spammy marketing techniques are no longer effective. Websites that were using spammy techniques have finally been penalized, and high-quality websites are consistently shown at the top of Google. Here are 4 of the tactics that many of these high-quality websites are using.

Create Great Content

Engaging, well-written content will always attract readers and potential patients. So, having an editorial calendar that either your team or your marketing agency follows is crucial. An editorial calendar allows you to manage when content appears for readers and optimize procedure specials and information based on when a particular procedure is most popular. There are many templates online that make it easy for you to manage your content, find whatever one works best for you and stick with it.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to improve your rankings on search engines so that you can get your name in front of more people. When your articles are posted on news websites or blogger websites your name will gain more authority and trust within your local community. You will also receive a fair amount of visitors that read the original post and click on the link back to your website.

Local and Industry Specific Directories

Directory websites are like the phone book of the internet. By placing your practice in as many high-quality directories as possible you increase the likelihood that someone will find you while searching online. Some of the most popular directories are Yelp, Real Self, RateMD, Health Grades, City Search, and Vitals. If you are an Internet Marketing client of Strategic Edge all of the most important directories are taken care of for you as part of your service package.


Infographics allow you to visually convey large amounts of information where statistics and facts might be too hard for people to understand. With infographics, you can create something that is very engaging for your patients and is easily digestible. Since this content is so easily sharable and understood, you have a high likelihood that your patients will link to your infographic and share it with their friends. The sharable nature of infographics makes it a great way to get more exposure for your practice.

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